WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, et al.

I strictly refuse to use these and other mainstream social media and services. There are no exceptions, sorry.

Many of these services undermine individuals' freedoms in many ways, specially when it comes to privacy and free speech.

While I have a strong opinion on the dangers posed by social media, I'm not trying to boycott or actively condemn it. I'm just attempting to minimize my footprint on the internet, and also find these services are of little value to me.


I'm @angel@x0r.be on Mastodon.

Albeit I'm not quite active on the fediverse, you can reach out by simply mentioning me. I'll also happily reply any DMs as soon as I read them.


My personal address is angel@ttm.sh.

I usually reply within a frame of 5-10 minutes. If not, I'll surely read your e-mail next day.

When composing, I'd be grateful if you stick to plain text. HTML e-mail should be thrown to a fire and left to die.

I also appreciate signed e-mails. Here's my PGP public key for you to import, even though you can easily find me in public keyservers.


I'm @angel on #team at tilde.chat, but I don't usually talk too much.

I don't mind queries (a.k.a. private messages) and, in fact, prefer them for anything that does not really need to be public.


I'm @my_nick_is_taken on Telegram.

My personal number is also associated, so you can talk to me if you have it. I don't really like Telegram that much, but is the only alternative to WhatsApp that's actually practical for non-tech people, which I have to interact with out of the internet.

If you can't get to me with any of the services listed above, this is your last resort.